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Meet The Owner

The Cave Studios is owned and operated by engineer, producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and composer, Andrew Hooker. Andrew's primary instrument is guitar, which he began playing at age 10. His secondary instruments are piano, drums, and clarinet. From age 7 to his junior year in high school, he studied classical piano. As a musical prodigy, his first writing credit was at age 12, and he recorded his first commercial EP in Memphis,TN at age 15. By age 17, his band Grounded Pilots, recorded their second album at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. In 1995, Andrew toured Seoule, South Korea with the Lions All State Band, and he was awarded the John Phillips Sousa Award his senior year of high school. In September 1999, Andrew graduated from Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, CA. with a 2 year degree in Commercial Guitar Performance. 

Andrew relocated from Los Angeles to
Nashville in 1999. In 2003, he formed the
rock band 
Vinyl Soup. Their debut album, Chasing Yesterday, received heavy
rotation on college radio. In 2013, Andrew
and Vinyl Soup released,
'The Beacon Within'.
The album was a smash hit on college and AAA radio. 
The Beacon Within charted at #5 on the Jam-Band/Relix radio charts, and shared the spot-light with artist such as, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, John Fogerty, Phish, The Grey Boy All-Stars, Mickey Hart, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, and many more. Vinyl Soup has released a total of 3 albums, performed at various festivals in the mid-west, and has toured and performed in over 15 states.


Andrew Hooker at The Cave, 2002

Andrew Hooker founded The Cave Studios in 2002. The studio started simply out of necessity to record Andrew's songs and produce music for Vinyl Soup, but has now grown into a full-blown recording studio in Franklin, TN. Andrew began writing songs shortly after his Nashville move in 1999. He quickly realized there were three types of musicians in Nashville: writers, players, and players who also write. Being that he fell into category number three, he purchased his first 2 track recording set up, and the obsessional question began. "How can I make this sound better?" Countless hours of reading and recording, Andrew cut his teeth on Cakewalk, a simple digital recording format. His family, would call from time to time asking, "Have you come out of The Cave, yet?"  In no time, friends and musicians were asking for demos.

In 2002, Andrew moved to the country side of Leiper's Fork, set up his first 24 track recording studio, and The Cave was born! In 2004, Andrew purchased a new piece of property which is where The Cave now resides. The studio was built as a professional commercial studio with sonic integrity and work flow in mind. Floated floors, double wall construction, great lines of sight from room to room, and top of the line gear, are just some of the ways we capture studio magic."Being a songwriter and a musician, it is so important for me to help the independent musician, especially in today's music business. My goal is to help every artist achieve the best sound, capture the best performance, and see the artistic vision from beginning to end." Now in its 12th year of business, and many albums later, Andrew and The Cave continue doing what they do best: Producing Music!