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Have you ever wanted to record on a real Hammond B3? Are you looking for that sweet vintage 1965 blackface Fender Super Reverb? Need the convenience of a drum kit ready to go when you walk through the door? Want that beautiful Martin acoustic guitar tone? Well, we have got you covered! The Cave offers an exciting selection of vintage and modern instruments. When you book The Cave, every piece of equipment and every musical instrument is yours for the day!

In House Musical Instruments:
1965 Fender Super Reverb (all original)
2015 Supro Dual Tone 24 watt combo 
2013 Martin D35
Gibson 1973 ES 335
Gibson 1982 Les Paul Standard
Matt Artinger 2008 Custom
Tonemaster Lap Steel (6 string)
5 Piece Pacific drumset by dw drums
Zildgian Custom A and K cymbals
Hammond A 100 Organ with Leslie 147 
(same guts as a B3 in a different enclosure)